Catalyst West Coast – April 18-20, 2012

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I will be on sabbatical and will miss Catalyst West Coast this year, but been to it a couple of times and spoke two times at it, and it was always, always a wonderful event. Not just the speakers but the whole experience and meeting people and vibe of it. My friends Rick McKinley and Britt Merrick are speaking and Erwin McManus and so many others – so wanted to post a quick post as there is a discount of earlier registration happening if you call 888.334.6569 to speak to a Catalyst Concierge, or register online at You can use Rate Code FOB for an additional discount off your ticket price.

Wish I was there, but I shall be in Hawaii at that time not on Facebook, email, Twitter or anything for the first half of my sabatical. I have never taken a sabbatical in 21 years of ministry like this. So looking forward to sabbtical although will miss Catalyst West Coast and will have to watch the DVD's later on. And Rick McKinley likes being called "Ricky" so you can call him that when you see him. 



Dan Kimball

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author of "Adventures in Churchland: Finding Jesus In The Mess of Organized Religion" and "They Like Jesus But Not The Church" . On staff at Vintage Faith Church in Santa Cruz, CA.
  • don sands

    “I have never taken a sabbatical in 21 years of ministry like this.”
    Well then, my good brother, it’s about time. Our Savior’s deepest and greatest blessings to you and your family.
    BTW, my daugther would envy you big time. She loves Hawaii the most. She was able to go there with her husband a few years back, and it’s still in her heart.

  • DanKimball

    Hey Don! yes, I am going to use half for total refreshment, no internet anything, only reading, praying being with family. Then the second half reading and some research for a future book. But all church responsibilities will be on break for the whole thing. 3 months. So should be a good experience I hope. I am not burnt out or anything, this is more of a time-to-do this kind of a sabbatical. So looking forward to it greatly. Hope you are doing well!

  • donsands

    Actually Dan, if you could ask our Lord to help me a bit. I seem to be having some memory loss. Weird. I have been to the doctors, and they have checked me out, and yet I seem to forget things still.
    Appreciate your prayers brother.
    I know you will see the Arizona when you are there. My daughter said it was very inspiring. And so much else. Our lord will help you grow in His truth most of all, but never without His great love and joy and peace to fill your heart and mind.