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I rarely am getting time to blog or post things due to just being so full on this fun adventure of spending time with family, all that is happening with Vintage Faith Church, spending time with people outside of church, writing my dissertation and finishing up my latest book for Zondervan. So blogging and Twittering slip to a lesser priority. I'd love to hear how people (especially church leaders) who blog regularly keep up the time and energy and focus to do it amongst leading a church and everything else happening….

Origins_logo But a quick update – on Wednesday, November 4 – at the Outreach Convention in San Diego we have three of us on the Origins Creative Team from three different churches hosting an all day seminar. It will be myself, Eric Bryant from Mosaic in LA, and Marlon Hall from The Movement in Houston.

The seminar is called "Origins -The Realities of Evangelism in a New World". It runs from 8:30 AM until 4:00. It will be hearing the stories and lessons learned, mistakes made from 3 different churches on mission – and then having a lot of open discussion. We are designing this day to have time for those attending to be exploring and discussing their own churches and how they are on mission or blockades to evangelism there may be.  

The hope is that no matter where you are, whether like our three distinct churches in Santa Cruz, CA – Los Angeles, CA, Houston, TX – that the churches may look and feel entirely different but underneath there are common philosophies about evangelism and mission. We will look at those and also have time to be exploring those in attendance and their unique situations. You can read more here and sign up to attend here. I love all-day seminars like this because you really get to have a lot of discussion and get to know the people there, so looking forward to next week! And the Outreach Convention itself, of course – and I am teaching another workshop as well later in the week.

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