Teaching Calvinism vs. Arminianism

November 7, 2011 — 13 Comments

Yesterday at Vintage Faith Church I taught on election/predestination and I showed this shirt to be the best summary of how to explain the debate.  Calvin-arminian-shirt

Shirt chose me

Dan Kimball

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author of "Adventures in Churchland: Finding Jesus In The Mess of Organized Religion" and "They Like Jesus But Not The Church" . On staff at Vintage Faith Church in Santa Cruz, CA.
  • renee altson


  • donsands

    Well, Dan, it’s not a shirt I could wear, unless our Lord predestined me to wear it.
    Would love to study the Holy Word in all its depth with you bro about these incredibly difficult truths. And after we did, and i was more of a George Whitefield, and you were more of a John Wesley, I have a very good feeling we would serve our sovereign Lord in the same manner as these two did.
    Not so much in the great way God used these two heroes, but no doubt God would help us minister together.

  • http://adamellis.blogspot.com Adam Ellis

    I actually have that shirt.

  • http://umcworshipleader.blogspot.com David Springstead

    As a Methodist, and therefore a theological Arminian, I have to say that I like the concept here.
    And I think Father John (Wesley) would as well. Thank you!

  • http://www.sacreddigital.com chuckk gerwig

    I wanted to choose the shirt but could not. I have to stick to political elections I guess.

  • http://www.ajswoboda.com A.J. Swoboda

    I didn’t choose the shirt, but sadly, I was the one who made choices that determined the size I needed ;)

  • http://www.westcoastwitness.com Wes Woodell

    I have a friend who has that shirt.
    I also wish you would make your messages available online. I understand a recording of the sermon doesn’t capture the full worship experience, but it would be nice to be able to listen from a distance.

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  • David Ravell

    Hi Dan, A great tool, but not what Wesleyan Arminianism teaches. We believe in what we call Prevenient Grace. God chooses us, he works on us, he draws us, he is active in our lives long before we realise it, in the end we surrender or we don’t surrender, but he does all the work. Here are my shirts: Calvinism God Makes all the Moves. Arminianism God Makes the First Move. Probably still not accurate, but a touch better.

  • don sands

    “Calvinism God Makes all the Moves. Arminianism God Makes the First Move.”
    That’s pretty good.
    Calvinism: God gave me this shirt and put it on me.
    Arminianism: God gave me this shirt, and I had to put it on.

  • jenpanda

    haha love it. Mine would say:
    Wesleyan Arminianism: God gave me this shirt. I chose to put it on and said “Thanks!”
    Calvinism: God forced this shirt on me because I am a chosen one.

  • donsands

    “God forced this shirt on me because I am a chosen one.”
    Good one. Amen. To God be all the glory.

  • liza

    aw, man! So bummed I missed that one!