Wednesday Weird Bible Verse – Judges 16:17 – shave your head and become weak

January 18, 2012 — 3 Comments

Samson"If my head were shaved, my strength would leave me, and I would become as weak as any other man.”

- Judges 16:17

Dan Kimball

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author of "Adventures in Churchland: Finding Jesus In The Mess of Organized Religion" and "They Like Jesus But Not The Church" . On staff at Vintage Faith Church in Santa Cruz, CA.
  • Shawzam

    But this isn’t a weird one! It only seems so when taken out of context. Judges 13:5 states the boy’s (Samson’s) “head is never to be touched by a razor because the boy is to be a Nazirite, dedicated to God…”
    As a Nazirite he had certain rules to follow (Num 6) (most of which he broke). The rules were there to show that the Nazirite was set apart from the world for God and His service.
    Samson’s strength came when the Spirit of God was upon Him. It makes sense that he would lose his strength, the strength given by God, when he was living in a way that did not honor God, that was not a Godly example to the world around him.
    I’m sure you know all this, and left it uncommented to spark discussion, so….here it is. Again, God’s word only seems weird when we take it piece by piece as we like. But it is all consistent, all understandable, and only weird if you don’t dig deep. So read _actively_. Things that are of worth are often buried, or hidden, but the reward is more than worth the work it takes.

  • donsands

    “…his strength depended upon his faithful performance of the Nazarite vow. Whilst he did this, our Lord was with him, and therein his great strength lay; and we are expressly told that after he had permitted his vow to be broken, that a razor should not come upon his head, the Lord was departed from him.” -Robert Jamison
    My goodness what a lesson for us all to take in. Have any of us made vows to our Lord? We had better seek His strength, and keep under his grace, or we may fall into the devil’s hands. I think we can truly take our Lord’s great love and amazing grace for granted, can’t we.
    For Samson they “put out his eyes”. This could have been done by piercing his eyes, or destroying his sight by holding red-hot iron before his eyes, or by scooping out the eye-balls, which was done to enemies in that day.
    God can allow us to have affliction, and it will be perfect discipline from a loving Father, who seeks our good. His love is always with us:- if we are indeed born by His Spirit, and one of His true children.
    Thanks for the weird verse Dan. Was good to go and read about Samson, and ponder our Lord’s working in the midst of a wayward son, who in the end did have faith in his Lord, and so Christ’s blood surely has cleansed Samson from his sin, as our sin is cleansed as well.
    God is way too merciful to me.

  • Tyler

    Even knowing the Nazirite vow and context, you can’t deny that it’s weird. I mean, c’mon shaving his head would make him lose his strength?! weiiiirrrd.
    -Tyler Smith